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Package com.ibm.etools.iseries.rse.ui.search

Interface Summary
IISeriesSearchMarkerConstants This interface defines all constants needed for iSeries Search marker.

Class Summary
ISeriesSearchAction This is the action that will put up a dialog for users to specify a string to be used for searching the selected object which can be filter library, file or member.
ISeriesSearchResultChildElement This class represents an iSeries search child.
OpenSearchPageAction This opens a the iSeries search page
SearchDialog Dialog displayed when the Search String option is specified for data file or member.
SearchEventsFileParser A concrete class for parsing an events file containing search results.
SearchFilterEventsFileParser When searching filters, it is possible to have duplicate entries This overrides the base class by changing a method which checks to make sure there is no duplicate record in the result view
SearchPage This class provides the dialog page for iSeries search in the Search
SearchQSYSOperation This class is the runnable that does the actual searching.
SearchResultAdapterFactory Adapter factory for registering adapters for iSeries search results.
SearchResultElementAdapter This is the adapter to handle the iseries result elements from the search result view.
SearchResultInputElement This class represents an iSeries search result set.
SearchResultInputElementAdapter This class represents an adapter for an iSeries search result set.
SearchResultRootElement This class represents an iSeries search result root.
SearchResultViewPDMAction This action handles the PDM Options in the pop-up menu from the search result view

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Note: This documentation is for part of an interim API that is still under development and expected to change significantly before reaching stability. It is being made available at this early stage to solicit feedback from pioneering adopters on the understanding that any code that uses this API will almost certainly be broken (repeatedly) as the API evolves.