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Package com.ibm.etools.iseries.remotebuild

Interface Summary
IBuildStyle A build style provides access to the configurations necessary to implement a build system on a remote iSeries system.
IBuildStyleConfiguration A build style configuration can exist either for the workspace (in which case it is the default for new projects) or for a project.

Class Summary
BuildActionDelegate Implements an action delegate that will invoke a set of actions on behalf of a selection made in the iSeries Project Navigator.
BuildStyle Provides a basic implementation of IBuildStyle.
BuildStyleConfiguration This is the default implementation of a BuildStyleConfiguration.
CLCommand This class implements a representation of a CL Command.
CLCommandString This class implements a representation of a CL Command.
CLList Many CL Commands have parameters that contain lists of values.
CLName Implements a Command Language simple name.
CLParameter A CLParameter is a keyword and a list of values.
CLQualifiedName A CLQualifiedName represents a value in a command parameter that is of the form of a set of simple names separated by slashes.
CLString Implements a string value for a CL command parameter.
CLValue A CLValue in an abstract class that supplies some of the default behavior used for values of CLParameters.
CLWriter Writes commands and strings to another writer.
JobTicket Deprecated. Use the JobTicket class inside of com.ibm.etools.systems.as400jobsubsys.impl insetad.
JobTicketManager Deprecated. This class has been moved to com.ibm.etools.systems.as400jobsubsys.impl and you should use this one instead.
QRBUTIL A QRBUTIL provides the interface to the functions of QDEVTOOLS/QRBUTIL that may be of interest to a client.
RBFile This class implements the abstract behavior of iSeries file objects.
RBJobTicketSource This class is used to when adding JobTickets for Remote builds to the JobTicketManager.
RBJobTicketSourceFactory JobTicketSourceFactory for remote build job tickets.
RBLibrary This class implements a library resource.
RBMarking An RBMarking specifies the operations that are to attempted or the successful operations that have been completed on a RBResourceDelta during the synchronization process.
RBMember This class implements a source file member.
RBProject This class implements a project resource.
RBQSYSResource This class provides the common behavior for all objects in the QSYS name space -- libraries and their contents.
RBResource RBResource is the abstract class of all resources that support remote build.
RBResourceAdapter Implements a ISystemRemoteElementAdapter for an RBResource.
RBResourceAdapterFactory Returns a RBResourceAdapter given an adaptable object than can adapt to an RBResource
RBResourceContext An RBResourceContext provides a means of caching references to RBResources by their model resource.
RBResourceDelta A merge is meant to represent a change in the state of a resource over time with the snapshot resource being "earlier" than the right.
RBResourceDeltaFilter The default implementation of this filter accepts every resource.
RBResourceDeltaVisitor Provides the base implementation for a resource delta visitor.
RBResourceVisitor Provides the base implementation for a resource visitor.
RBStatus Status of remote build operations.

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Note: This documentation is for part of an interim API that is still under development and expected to change significantly before reaching stability. It is being made available at this early stage to solicit feedback from pioneering adopters on the understanding that any code that uses this API will almost certainly be broken (repeatedly) as the API evolves.