Class RPrinterList

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    Use PrinterList instead, as this package may be removed in the future.

    public class RPrinterList
    extends SystemResourceList
    The RPrinterList class represents a list of printers that are attached to the system. The following selection IDs are supported:

    Use one or more of these selection IDs with getSelectionValue() and setSelectionValue() to access the selection values for an RPrinterList.

    RPrinterList objects generate RPrinter objects.

    // Create an RPrinterList object to represent a list of printers.
    AS400 system = new AS400("MYSYSTEM", "MYUSERID", "MYPASSWORD");
    RPrinterList printerList = new RPrinterList(system);
    // Set the selection so that only printers which are selecting // spooled files from the listed output queues are included // in the list. printerList.setSelectionValue(RPrinterList.OUTPUT_QUEUES, new String[] { "/QSYS.LIB/MYLIB.LIB/MYOUTQ1.OUTQ1", "/QSYS.LIB/MYLIB.LIB/MYOUTQ2.OUTQ2" });
    // Open the list and wait for it to complete.; printerList.waitForComplete();
    // Read and print the device names and statuses // for the printers in the list. long numberOfPrinters = printerList.getListLength(); for(long i = 0; i < numberOfPrinters; ++i) { RPrinter printer = (RPrinter)printerList.resourceAt(i); System.out.println(printer.getAttributeValue(RPrinter.DEVICE_NAME)); System.out.println(printer.getAttributeValue(RPrinter.DEVICE_STATUS)); System.out.println(); }
    // Close the list. printerList.close();
    See Also:
    RPrinter, Serialized Form
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        public static final java.lang.String PRINTER_NAMES
        Selection ID for printer names. This identifies a String selection, which represents the name(s) to be included in the list.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final java.lang.String OUTPUT_QUEUES
        Selection ID for output queues. This identifies a String selection, which represents the output queues(s) to be included in the list.
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        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • RPrinterList

        public RPrinterList()
        Constructs an RPrinterList object.
      • RPrinterList

        public RPrinterList(AS400 system)
        Constructs an RPrinterList object.
        system - The system.
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      • establishConnection

        protected void establishConnection()
                                    throws ResourceException
        Establishes the connection to the system.

        The method is called by the resource framework automatically when the connection needs to be established.

        establishConnection in class ResourceList
        ResourceException - If an error occurs.