Class PrinterList

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    public class PrinterList
    extends PrintObjectList
    The PrinterList class is used to build a list of objects of type Printer. The list can be filtered by printer name.
    See Also:
    Printer, Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • PrinterList

        public PrinterList()
        Constructs a PrinterList object. The system must be set later. This constructor is provided for visual application builders that support JavaBeans. It is not intended for use by application programmers.
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      • PrinterList

        public PrinterList(AS400 system)
        Constructs a PrinterList object. It uses the system name specified.
        system - The system on which the printer devices exist.
    • Method Detail

      • getPrinterFilter

        public java.lang.String getPrinterFilter()
        Returns the printer list filter.
        list filter
      • setPrinterFilter

        public void setPrinterFilter(java.lang.String printerFilter)
                              throws java.beans.PropertyVetoException
        Sets printer list filter.
        printerFilter - The name of the printers to list. It cannot be greater than 10 characters in length. It can be a specific name, a generic name, or the special value *ALL. The default for the printerFilter is *ALL.
        java.beans.PropertyVetoException - If the change is vetoed.