Class PrinterFileList

    • Constructor Detail

      • PrinterFileList

        public PrinterFileList()
        Constructs a PrinterFileList object. The system must be set later. This constructor is provided for visual application builders that support JavaBeans. It is not intended for use by application programmers.
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      • PrinterFileList

        public PrinterFileList(AS400 system)
        Constructs a PrinterFileList object. It uses the system name specified.
        system - The system on which the printer files exists.

    • Method Detail

      • getPrinterFileFilter

        public String getPrinterFileFilter()
        Returns the printer file list filter.
        The printer file list filter.
      • setPrinterFileFilter

        public void setPrinterFileFilter(String printerFileFilter)
                                  throws PropertyVetoException
        Sets the printer file list filter.
        printerFileFilter - The library and printer files to list. The format of the printerFileFilter string must be in the format of /QSYS.LIB/libname.LIB/printerfilename.FILE, where
        libname is the library name that contains the printer files to search. It can be a specific name or one of these special values:
        • %ALL% - All libraries are searched.
        • %ALLUSR% - All user-defined libraries, plus libraries containing user data and having names starting with the letter Q.
        • %CURLIB% - The server job's current library.
        • %LIBL% - The server job's library list.
        • %USRLIBL% - The user portion of the server job's library list.
        printerfilename is the name of the printer files to list. It can be a specific name, a generic name, or the special value %ALL%. The default for the library is %LIBL% and for the printer file name is %ALL%.
        PropertyVetoException - If the change is vetoed.