Class PrinterFile

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      • PrinterFile

        public PrinterFile()
        Constructs a PrinterFile object. The system and the integrated file system name of the printer file must be set later. This constructor is provided for visual application builders that support JavaBeans. It is not intended for use by application programmers.
        See Also:
        PrintObject.setSystem(, setPath(java.lang.String)
      • PrinterFile

        public PrinterFile(AS400 system,
                   String printerFileName)
        Constructs a PrinterFile object. It uses the specified system name and printer file that identify it on the system.
        system - The system on which this printer file exists.
        printerFileName - The integrated file system name of the printer file. The format of the printer file string must be in the format of \QSYS.LIB\libname.LIB\printerfilename.FILE.