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Class ApplicationDiagramMigration

  extended by com.ibm.etools.systems.application.visual.editor.resources.ApplicationDiagramMigration

public class ApplicationDiagramMigration
extends Object

This class is used to migrate the application model and diagram files from pervious versions to the current version. Currently supported model version is 2.0. Migrating just the application model file is relatively straight forward. However migrating the diagram file in conjunction with the model file because the diagram file maintains XPath expressions that reference elements within the model file and these have to be maintained during migration.

Field Summary
static String copyright
Constructor Summary
ApplicationDiagramMigration(IFile inputIFile, boolean diagramAvailable)
Method Summary
static boolean isIncompatibleModelException(Throwable e)
          Helper method to determine if an exception is related to an incompatible model format
 boolean migrate(IEditorPart editor)
          Mirate the model and diagram files.
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Field Detail


public static final String copyright
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Constructor Detail


public ApplicationDiagramMigration(IFile inputIFile,
                                   boolean diagramAvailable)

Method Detail


public boolean migrate(IEditorPart editor)
Mirate the model and diagram files.


public static boolean isIncompatibleModelException(Throwable e)
Helper method to determine if an exception is related to an incompatible model format

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