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Class QSYSReleaseInteractiveJob

  extended by SystemBaseAction
      extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.rse.ui.actions.QSYSReleaseInteractiveJob

public class QSYSReleaseInteractiveJob
extends SystemBaseAction

This action does something. Not sure what :-)

Field Summary
static String copyright
Constructor Summary
QSYSReleaseInteractiveJob(Shell shell)
Method Summary
 boolean checkObjectType(Object obj)
          Override of parent.
 void run()
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Field Detail


public static final String copyright
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Constructor Detail


public QSYSReleaseInteractiveJob(Shell shell)
Method Detail


public void run()
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public boolean checkObjectType(Object obj)
Override of parent. Called when testing if action should be enabled base on current selection. We check the selected object is one of our subsystems, and an interactive job is already attached.

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