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Class QSYSNewObjectFilterFromLibAction

  extended by SystemNewFilterAction
      extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.rse.ui.actions.QSYSNewFilterAction
          extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.rse.ui.actions.QSYSNewObjectFilterAction
              extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.rse.ui.actions.QSYSNewObjectFilterFromLibAction

public class QSYSNewObjectFilterFromLibAction
extends QSYSNewObjectFilterAction

Class for defining a new filter from an ISeries library.

Field Summary
static String copyright
Constructor Summary
QSYSNewObjectFilterFromLibAction(Shell shell, ISystemFilterPool parentPool)
          Create a QSYSNewObjectFilterFromLibAction from given shell and filter pool.
Method Summary
protected  void configureNewFilterWizard(SystemNewFilterWizard wizard)
          Parent intercept.
 ISystemFilterPoolReferenceManagerProvider getSystemFilterPoolReferenceManagerProvider()
          Output method.
 void run()
 boolean updateSelection(IStructuredSelection selection)
          Called when the selection changes in the systems view.
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Field Detail


public static String copyright
Constructor Detail


public QSYSNewObjectFilterFromLibAction(Shell shell,
                                        ISystemFilterPool parentPool)
Create a QSYSNewObjectFilterFromLibAction from given shell and filter pool.

shell -
parentPool -
Method Detail


public void run()
run in class QSYSNewFilterAction


public boolean updateSelection(IStructuredSelection selection)
Called when the selection changes in the systems view. This determines the input object for the command and whether to enable or disable the action.

updateSelection in class QSYSNewFilterAction
selection - the current selection
whether to enable or disable the action


public ISystemFilterPoolReferenceManagerProvider getSystemFilterPoolReferenceManagerProvider()
Output method. Do not override.
Get the contextual system filter pool reference manager provider. Will return non-null if the current selection is a reference to a filter pool or filter, or a reference manager provider.


protected void configureNewFilterWizard(SystemNewFilterWizard wizard)
Parent intercept.

Overridable extension. For those cases when you don't want to create your own wizard subclass, but prefer to simply configure the default wizard.

Note, at the point this is called, all the base configuration, based on the setters for this action, have been called.

We do it here versus via setters as it defers some work until the user actually selects this action.

configureNewFilterWizard in class QSYSNewObjectFilterAction

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