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Class PushSelectedDelegate

  extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.remotebuild.BuildActionDelegate
      extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.remotebuild.styles.RemoteAction
          extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.remotebuild.styles.PushSelectedDelegate

public class PushSelectedDelegate
extends RemoteAction

Implements the specialization of the abstract PushAction for the resources actually selected in the navigator.

Field Summary
static String copyright
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void checkSelection()
          Checks the selection and enables this operation if appropriate.
protected  String getTaskName()
 RBStatus performAction(IProgressMonitor monitor)
           Performs the actual work of this operation.
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Field Detail


public static final String copyright
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Constructor Detail


public PushSelectedDelegate()
Method Detail


public void checkSelection()
Checks the selection and enables this operation if appropriate.

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checkSelection in class BuildActionDelegate
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public RBStatus performAction(IProgressMonitor monitor)
Description copied from class: BuildActionDelegate

Performs the actual work of this operation. It is supplied a progress monitor. It can retrieve its structured selection using getSelection(). It can retrieve its project using getModelProject(). Any long running action should create a progress monitor from the context and periodically test the progress monitor and cancel if requested.

The action is cancelable and runs in the UI thread.

Actions are run only if the current status is OK and the action has not been canceled.

The default implementation does nothing. Subclasses should either override this or performAction().

performAction in class BuildActionDelegate


protected String getTaskName()
getTaskName in class BuildActionDelegate

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