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Class RSEAddToISeriesProjectAction

  extended by SystemBaseAction
      extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.rse.ui.actions.QSYSSystemBaseAction
          extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.perspective.rse.actions.RSEMakeOfflineAction
              extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.perspective.rse.actions.RSEAddToISeriesProjectAction

public class RSEAddToISeriesProjectAction
extends RSEMakeOfflineAction

This action downloads the selected source physical file or source member locally to an existing iSeries project. The library and host with which this iSeries project is associated become the new library and host information for the downloaded objects.
It is made public because the code for this action is a good sample on how to use both RSE and iSeries Project perspective APIs and extension points to create custom actions.

Field Summary
static String Copyright
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Constructor Summary
RSEAddToISeriesProjectAction(Shell shell)
Method Summary
protected  boolean checkLibraryName(String libraryName)
          We need to override parent behavior here because we do NOT want to validate the parent library name when we are doing this action.
protected  AbstractISeriesProject[] findProjects(Properties projectProperties)
          Returns projects that match the criteria presented in the properties.
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Field Detail


public static final String Copyright
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Constructor Detail


public RSEAddToISeriesProjectAction(Shell shell)


public RSEAddToISeriesProjectAction()
Method Detail


protected AbstractISeriesProject[] findProjects(Properties projectProperties)
Returns projects that match the criteria presented in the properties. The specific properties used are left to the implementation. This operation may be replaced by subclasses.

This implementation returns all iSeries projects.

findProjects in class RSEMakeOfflineAction
projectProperties - contains the properties to match. Matches the connection name and the library and potentially the user.
the array of found projects. If none are found the empty array is returned.


protected boolean checkLibraryName(String libraryName)
We need to override parent behavior here because we do NOT want to validate the parent library name when we are doing this action.

checkLibraryName in class RSEMakeOfflineAction

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Note: This documentation is for part of an interim API that is still under development and expected to change significantly before reaching stability. It is being made available at this early stage to solicit feedback from pioneering adopters on the understanding that any code that uses this API will almost certainly be broken (repeatedly) as the API evolves.