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Class DefinesConditionEditor

  extended by FieldEditor
      extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.rse.ui.preferences.ListEditor
          extended by com.ibm.etools.iseries.edit.ui.preferences.DefinesConditionEditor

public class DefinesConditionEditor
extends ListEditor

Field Summary
static String copyright
Fields inherited from class com.ibm.etools.iseries.rse.ui.preferences.ListEditor
_bUpperCase, _iMaxItems, addButton, buttonBox, Copyright, downButton, list, removeButton, selectionListener, upButton
Constructor Summary
DefinesConditionEditor(String strName, String strLabel, Composite compositeParent)
Method Summary
protected  String createList(String[] straArguments)
          Creates a comma separated string from an array of individual strings.
protected  String getNewInputObject()
          Create a input dialog when user click on "Add" to define a new condition.
 String isValid(String strInput)
          Declared in IInputValidator.
protected  String[] parseString(String str)
          Called to create the list from the string saved in the ini file.
Methods inherited from class com.ibm.etools.iseries.rse.ui.preferences.ListEditor
addPressed, adjustForNumColumns, createButtons, createPushButton, createSelectionListener, doFillIntoGrid, doLoad, doLoadDefault, doStore, downPressed, getButtonBoxControl, getListControl, getNumberOfControls, getSelectionListener, getShell, removePressed, selectionChanged, setFocus, setItemLimit, setUpperCase, swap, upPressed
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Field Detail


public static String copyright
Constructor Detail


public DefinesConditionEditor(String strName,
                              String strLabel,
                              Composite compositeParent)
Method Detail


protected String[] parseString(String str)
Called to create the list from the string saved in the ini file.

Specified by:
parseString in class ListEditor
str - the string
an array of String
See Also:


protected String getNewInputObject()
Create a input dialog when user click on "Add" to define a new condition.

Specified by:
getNewInputObject in class ListEditor
a new item


protected String createList(String[] straArguments)
Creates a comma separated string from an array of individual strings. Each entry is uppercased.

Specified by:
createList in class ListEditor
straArguments - the list of items
the combined string
See Also:


public String isValid(String strInput)
Declared in IInputValidator. This is a callback function used by the InputDialog to determine whether the input string is valid. Check for duplicate or empty strings. Returns null if no error. Otherwise may return a message string. Here we return an empty message string to indicate an error.

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