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Package com.ibm.etools.iseries.comm

Class Summary
ISeriesAbstractHostAPIProcessor A base class for all classes that call a system API to retrieve or update information on an ISeries.
ISeriesAbstractHostAPIProcessor.HostAPIErrorCodeStructure ==================================================================== HostAPIErrorCodeStructure ------------------------- Nested helper class to facilitate creating and subsequent parsing of the common ISeries error code structure that many APIs take as input and populate.
ISeriesAbstractListProcessor A base class for all classes that extract lists from an ISeries.
ISeriesAbstractListProcessor.HostAPIGenericListHeader ======================================================================= HostAPIGenericListHeader ------------------------- Nested helper class to facilitate parsing of the common (generic) header that most host list APIs return at the top of the user space.
ISeriesCCSIDToEncodingMapper This class returns an encoding corresponding to a ccsid.
ISeriesCheckCommand A wrapper class for the OS/400 Check Command Syntax (QCMDCHK) system API which performs syntax checking for a single command.
ISeriesCheckObject A class for retrieving information about an object on an ISeries.
ISeriesConvertEditCode A Java wrapper for the OS/400 Convert Edit Code (QECCVTEC) system API which translates an edit code specification into an edit mask, which is a byte string used to format a numeric value into a readable character string.
ISeriesElapsedTimer A utility helper class to help when making timings of potentially long operations, such as remote system calls.
ISeriesListDatabaseFields Deprecated. Use ISeriesRetrieveDatabaseFileDescription.retrieveFieldList() instead
ISeriesListEditDescriptions A class for listing the user defined edit descriptions (5 - 9) on the iSeries as well as some information related to edit code processing.
ISeriesListFields A class for listing fields in a *FILE object on an ISeries.
ISeriesListFieldsHeader This class encapuslates the field list header information available after a call to ISeriesListFields.
ISeriesListIFS A class for listing IFS objects on an iSeries.
ISeriesListLibraries A class for listing libraries on an iSeries.
ISeriesListMembers A class for listing members on an ISeries.
ISeriesListMembersHeader This class encapuslates the member list header information available after a call to ISeriesListMembers.
ISeriesListObjectLocks This class wrappers the OS/400 List object locks api QWCLOBJL.
ISeriesListObjects A class for listing objects on an ISeries.
ISeriesListRecords A class for listing records in a *FILE object on an iSeries.
ISeriesListRecordsHeader This class encapuslates the record list header information available after a call to ISeriesListRecords.
ISeriesListSpoolFiles A class for listing SpoolFiles on an iSeries.
ISeriesListSpoolFilesHeader This class encapsulates the SpoolFile list header information available after a call to ISeriesListSpoolFiles.
ISeriesPDMPatternMatch This class offers PDM-like generic name pattern matching.
ISeriesRetreiveCDRAInfo This class contains a collection of method for retrieving iSeries Character Data Representation Architecture (CDRA) information.
ISeriesRetrieveDatabaseFileDescription A class for retrieving the file definition template for an OS/400 file.
ISeriesRetrieveDatabaseMemberDescription A class for retrieving the member definition template for an iSeries file.
ISeriesRetrieveDisplayFileDescription This class wrappers the OS/400 Retrieve Display File Description (QDFRTVFD) system api which allows you to get specific information about the data description specifications (DDS) definition used to create a display file.
ISeriesRetrieveFileOverrideInformation Wrapper class for the OS/400 system api QDMRTVFO (Retrieve File Override Information).
ISeriesRetrieveSaveFileDescription A class to retrieve the save command and save library from a save file
ISeriesRetrieveSortSeqTable A class for retrieving a sort sequence table from the iSeries.
ISeriesSyntaxCheckSQLStatements A class for syntax checking the SQL Statements.
ListModuleInformation ListModuleInformation is a Java wrapper for the OS/400 List Module Information (QBNLMODI) system API.
ListNetworkInterfaces ListNetworkInterfaces is a Java wrapper for the OS/400 List Network Interfaces API (QtocLstNetIfc) system API which returns a list of all logical TCP/IP interfaces with details.
ListServiceProgramInformation ListServiceProgramInformation is a JavaBean wrapper for the OS/400 List Service Program Information (QBNLSPGM)> system API.
QSYSCheckUserAuthority This class uses the QSYCUSRA OS/400 api to check the authorities a user profile has to an object.
README This package is designed to be standalone and not dependent on anything in the IDE or the systems packages.

Exception Summary
ISeriesAPIErrorCodeException This exception is thrown when an OS/400 API call returns an error in the standard API error code parameter.
ISeriesInvalidAPIParameterException This Exception is to report the Invalid Parameter passed to ISeries APIs

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Note: This documentation is for part of an interim API that is still under development and expected to change significantly before reaching stability. It is being made available at this early stage to solicit feedback from pioneering adopters on the understanding that any code that uses this API will almost certainly be broken (repeatedly) as the API evolves.