Class UnorderedListItem

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    public class UnorderedListItem
    extends HTMLListItem
    The UnorderedListItem class represents an item in an unordered list item.

    This example creates a UnorderedListItem tag:

      // Create an UnorderedList.
      UnorderedList list = new UnorderedList(HTMLConstants.SQUARE);
      // Create an UnorderedListItem.
      UnorderedListItem listItem = new UnorderedListItem();
      // Set the data in the list item.
      listItem.setItemData(new HTMLText("my list item"));
      // Add the list item to the UnorderedList.

    Here is the output of the UnorderedListItem tag:

      <ul type="square">
      <li>my list item</li>

    Here is the output of the UnorderedListItem tag using XSL-Formatting Objects:

      <fo:list-item-body><fo:block-container><fo:block>my list item</fo:block>

    UnorderedListItem objects generate the following events:

    • PropertyChangeEvent
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    • Constructor Detail

      • UnorderedListItem

        public UnorderedListItem()
        Constructs a default UnorderedList object.
      • UnorderedListItem

        public UnorderedListItem(HTMLTagElement data)
        Constructs a UnorderedListItem object with the specified data.
        data - The data to use in the unordered list item.
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public java.lang.String getType()
        Returns the type of the labeling scheme.
        The type.
      • setType

        public void setType(java.lang.String type)
        Sets the labeling scheme to be used. The default scheme is disc. When used at the ListItem level, all subsequent list labels will carry the new TYPE scheme unless set again by a later TYPE attribute.
        type - The labeling scheme. One of the following constants defined in HTMLConstants: DISC, SQUARE, or CIRCLE.
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