Class LineLayoutFormPanel

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    public class LineLayoutFormPanel
    extends LayoutFormPanel
    The LineLayoutFormPanel class represents a line layout of HTML form elements. Form elements in the panel are aligned in a single row. The trailing slash "/" on the LineLayoutFormPanel tag allows it to conform to the XHTML specification.

    This example creates a LineLayoutFormPanel object and adds two form elements.

      CheckboxFormInput privacyCheckbox = new CheckboxFormInput("confidential", "yes", "Confidential", true);
      CheckboxFormInput mailCheckbox = new CheckboxFormInput("mailingList", "yes", "Join our mailing list", false);
      LineLayoutFormPanel panel = new LineLayoutFormPanel();
      String tag = panel.getTag();

    The HTML tag that is generated would look like this:
    <input type="checkbox" name="confidential" value="yes" checked="checked" /> Confidential <input type="checkbox" name="mailingList" value="yes" /> Join our mailing list <br />

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      • LineLayoutFormPanel

        public LineLayoutFormPanel()
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      • getFOTag

        public java.lang.String getFOTag()
        Returns a comment tag. This method should not be called. There is no XSL-FO support for this class.
        The comment tag.
      • getTag

        public java.lang.String getTag()
        Returns the line layout panel tag.
        The tag.