Class SVMRI_en

  • java.lang.Object
    • java.util.ResourceBundle
      • java.util.ListResourceBundle

  • public class SVMRI_en
    extends java.util.ListResourceBundle
    An empty English MRI resource bundle.

    Normally we do not need _en or _en_US bundles since the default bundle contains English. However, in the case of SVMRI, since the SystemValue classes let you specify a Locale used to load their MRI, the following scenario exists:

    The default Locale of the JVM is (for example) Korean. The requested Locale passed into SystemValue is English. Java will attempt to load the English MRI bundle. If that bundle does not exist, it will attempt to load the default Locale's bundle, in this case Korean. If the Korean bundle does exist, the user will get Korean Strings instead of English, even though they requested English and English is available. So in this case, we provide an English bundle. We just provide an empty bundle, so we don't need to instantiate the base English Strings twice.

    We do not need _en bundles for our other MRI because there is currently not a way for a user to override the Locale we are using to load the MRI, unless they change the default Locale of the JVM (before our ResourceBundleLoader is first touched, since it loads our MRI statically). That is, for our other MRI bundles, if the user wants English MRI, they will have to switch the JVM's default Locale to be English.

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        public SVMRI_en()
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        public java.lang.Object[][] getContents()
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