Class ClientAccessDataStream

    • Constructor Detail

      • ClientAccessDataStream

        protected ClientAccessDataStream()
    • Method Detail

      • setCorrelation

        protected void setCorrelation(int id)
      • setCSInstance

        protected void setCSInstance(int id)
      • setHeaderID

        protected void setHeaderID(int id)
      • setLength

        protected void setLength(int len)
      • setReqRepID

        protected void setReqRepID(int id)
      • setServerID

        protected void setServerID(int id)
      • setTemplateLen

        protected void setTemplateLen(int len)
      • canUse

        public boolean canUse()
        Can this be used. If not, false is returned. If it can be used, then inUse_ is set to return and true is returned
        true if this can be used