Class SequentialFile

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    public class SequentialFile
    extends AS400File
    implements Serializable
    The SequentialFile class represents a physical or logical file on the system. The SequentialFile class allows the user to do the following:
    • Create a physical file by:
      • Specifying a record length.
      • Specifying an existing DDS source file.
      • Specifying a RecordFormat object that contains a description of the record format for the file.
    • Access the records in a file sequentially or by record number. Note: To read a keyed physical or logical file sequentially and have the records returned in key order, use the read...() methods of KeyedFile.
    • Write records to a file sequentially.
    • Update records in a file sequentially or by record number.
    • Lock a file for different types of access.
    • Use commitment control when accessing a file. The user can:
      • Start commitment control for the connection.
      • Specify different commitment control lock levels for the individual files being accessed.
      • Commit and rollback transactions for the connection.
    • Delete a physical or logical file or member.
    SequentialFile objects generate the following events:
    • FileEvent
      The events fired are:
    • PropertyChangeEvent
    • VetoableChangeEvent
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    MemberList, Serialized Form