Class OutputQueueList

    • Constructor Detail

      • OutputQueueList

        public OutputQueueList()
        Constructs an OutputQueueList object. The system must be set later. This constructor is provided for visual application builders that support JavaBeans. It is not intended for use by application programmers.
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      • OutputQueueList

        public OutputQueueList(AS400 system)
        Constructs an OutputQueueList object. It uses the specified system name.
        system - The system on which the output queues exists.

    • Method Detail

      • getQueueFilter

        public String getQueueFilter()
        Returns the output queue list filter.
        The output queue list filter.
      • setQueueFilter

        public void setQueueFilter(String queueFilter)
                            throws PropertyVetoException
        Sets the output queue list filter.
        queueFilter - The library and output queues to list. The format of the queueFilter string must be in the format of /QSYS.LIB/libname.LIB/queuename.OUTQ, where
        libname is the library name that contains the queues to search. It can be a specific name, a generic name, or one of these special values:
        • %ALL% - All libraries are searched.
        • %ALLUSR% - All user-defined libraries, plus libraries containing user data and having names starting with the letter Q.
        • %CURLIB% - The server job's current library.
        • %LIBL% - The server job's library list.
        • %USRLIBL% - The user portion of the server job's library list.
        queuename is the name of the output queues to list. It can be a specific name, a generic name, or the special value %ALL%. The default for the library is %LIBL% and for the queue name is %ALL%.
        PropertyVetoException - If the change is vetoed.