JT400 Ports

This table outlines the ports that JT400 requires in order for specific functions to communicate with the host.

Service as-svrmap drda as-central as-database as-dtaq as-file as-netprt as-rmtcmd as-signon
Port 449 446 8470 8471 8472 8473 8474 8475 8476
SSL Port - 448 9470 9471 9472 9473 9474 9475 9476
Notes (1)   (2)(3) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2) (2)
Command Call          
Data Area          
Data Conversion            
Data Queues          
Integrated File System          
Network Print          
Program Call          
Record Level Access          
System Status          
System Value          
Users and Groups          
User Space        

If the Toolbox's Proxy Server feature is selected, and is enabled on the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400), only port 3470 is needed.

1 Port mapper is optional. The caller can specify the ports to use for the services, which eliminates the need to call as-svrmap.

2 The ports listed are the defaults for the servers. These port assignments can be modified using the "WRKSRVTBLE" command.

3 The as-central server is only used to create code page conversion tables (EBCDIC to/from Unicode)

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