CCSID and Encoding values
supported by IBM Toolbox for Java

The IBM Toolbox for Java is shipped with a set of conversion tables, named according to CCSID. These tables are used internally by IBM Toolbox for Java classes (such as CharConverter) when converting data that is transferred to or from an i5/OS system. For example, the conversion table for CCSID 1027 is in file com/ibm/as400/access/ConvTable1027.class. Conversion tables for the following CCSIDs are included in the IBM Toolbox for Java jar file; other encodings are supported using the JDK. The central server on the system is no longer used to download tables at runtime. Any specified CCSID for which a conversion table or a JDK encoding cannot be found will cause an exception to be thrown. Some of these tables may be redundant to tables included in your JDK. IBM Toolbox for Java presently supports the following 122 different i5/OS CCSIDs.

For additional information about CCSIDs, including a complete list of the CCSIDs recognized by an i5/OS system, see the Globalization topic in the Information Center.

Supported CCSIDs in IBM Toolbox for Java

CCSID Format Description
37 Single-byte EBCDIC United States and others
273 Single-byte EBCDIC Austria, Germany
277 Single-byte EBCDIC Denmark, Norway
278 Single-byte EBCDIC Finland, Sweden
280 Single-byte EBCDIC Italy
284 Single-byte EBCDIC Spain, Latin America
285 Single-byte EBCDIC United Kingdom
290 Single-byte EBCDIC Japanese Katakana (single-byte only)
297 Single-byte EBCDIC France
300 Double-byte EBCDIC Japanese Graphic (subset of 16684)
367 ASCII/ISO/Windows ASCII (ANSI X3.4 standard)
420 Single-byte EBCDIC
423 Single-byte EBCDIC Greek (for compatibility; see 875)
424 Single-byte EBCDIC
437 ASCII/ISO/Windows ASCII (USA PC Data)
500 Single-byte EBCDIC Latin-1 (MNCS)
720 ASCII/ISO/Windows Arabic (MS-DOS)
737 ASCII/ISO/Windows Greek (MS-DOS)
775 ASCII/ISO/Windows Baltic (MS-DOS)
813 ASCII/ISO/Windows ISO 8859-7 (Greek/Latin)
819 ASCII/ISO/Windows ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1)
833 Single-byte EBCDIC Korean (single-byte only)
834 Double-byte EBCDIC Korean Graphic (subset of 4930)
835 Double-byte EBCDIC Traditional Chinese Graphic
836 Single-byte EBCDIC Simplified Chinese (single-byte only)
837 Double-byte EBCDIC Simplified Chinese Graphic
838 Single-byte EBCDIC Thai
850 ASCII/ISO/Windows Latin-1
851 ASCII/ISO/Windows Greek
852 ASCII/ISO/Windows Latin-2
855 ASCII/ISO/Windows Cyrillic
857 ASCII/ISO/Windows Turkish
860 ASCII/ISO/Windows Portuguese
861 ASCII/ISO/Windows Iceland
862 ASCII/ISO/Windows
Hebrew ASCII ST4
863 ASCII/ISO/Windows Canada
864 ASCII/ISO/Windows
Arabic ASCII ST5
865 ASCII/ISO/Windows Denmark/Norway
866 ASCII/ISO/Windows Cyrillic/Russian
869 ASCII/ISO/Windows Greek
870 Single-byte EBCDIC Latin-2
871 Single-byte EBCDIC Iceland
874 ASCII/ISO/Windows Thai (subset of 9066)
875 Single-byte EBCDIC Greek
878 ASCII/ISO/Windows Russian
880 Single-byte EBCDIC Cyrillic Multilingual (for compatibility; see 1025)
912 ASCII/ISO/Windows ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2)
914 ASCII/ISO/Windows ISO 8859-4 (Latin-4)
915 ASCII/ISO/Windows ISO 8859-5 (Cyrillic 8-bit)
916 ASCII/ISO/Windows
ISO 8859-8 (Hebrew) ST5
920 ASCII/ISO/Windows ISO 8859-9 (Latin-5)
921 ASCII/ISO/Windows ISO 8859-13 (Baltic 8-bit)
922 ASCII/ISO/Windows Estonia ISO-8
923 ASCII/ISO/Windows ISO 8859-15 (Latin-9)
930 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Japanese (subset of 5026)
933 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Korean (subset of 1364)
935 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Simplified Chinese (subset of 1388)
937 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Traditional Chinese
939 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Japanese (subset of 5035)
1025 Single-byte EBCDIC Cyrillic
1026 Single-byte EBCDIC Turkish
1027 Single-byte EBCDIC Japanese Latin (single-byte only)
1046 ASCII/ISO/Windows
Windows Arabic ST5
1089 ASCII/ISO/Windows
ISO 8859-6 (Arabic) ST5
1112 Single-byte EBCDIC Baltic Multilingual
1122 Single-byte EBCDIC Estonian
1123 Single-byte EBCDIC Ukraine
1125 ASCII/ISO/Windows Ukraine
1129 ASCII/ISO/Windows Vietnamese
1130 Single-byte EBCDIC Vietnamese
1131 ASCII/ISO/Windows Belarus
1132 Single-byte EBCDIC Lao
1140 Single-byte EBCDIC United States and others (Euro support)
1141 Single-byte EBCDIC Austria, Germany (Euro support)
1142 Single-byte EBCDIC Denmark, Norway (Euro support)
1143 Single-byte EBCDIC Finland, Sweden (Euro support)
1144 Single-byte EBCDIC Italy (Euro support)
1145 Single-byte EBCDIC Spain, Latin America (Euro support)
1146 Single-byte EBCDIC United Kingdom (Euro support)
1147 Single-byte EBCDIC France (Euro support)
1148 Single-byte EBCDIC Latin-1 (MNCS) (Euro support)
1149 Single-byte EBCDIC Iceland (Euro support)
1200 Unicode Unicode UCS-2 (little-endian)
1250 ASCII/ISO/Windows Windows Latin-2
1251 ASCII/ISO/Windows Windows Cyrillic
1252 ASCII/ISO/Windows Windows Latin-1
1253 ASCII/ISO/Windows Windows Greek
1254 ASCII/ISO/Windows Windows Turkey
1255 ASCII/ISO/Windows
Windows Hebrew ST5
1256 ASCII/ISO/Windows
Windows Arabic ST5
1257 ASCII/ISO/Windows Windows Baltic
1258 ASCII/ISO/Windows Windows Vietnam
1364 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Japanese
1388 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Simplified Chinese
1399 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Japanese (in V4R5 and higher)
4396 Double-byte EBCDIC Japanese (subset of 300)
4930 Double-byte EBCDIC Korean
4931 Double-byte EBCDIC Traditional Chinese (subset of 835)
4933 Double-byte EBCDIC Simplified Chinese GBK Graphic
4948 ASCII/ISO/Windows Latin-2 (subset of 852)
4951 ASCII/ISO/Windows Cyrillic (subset of 855)
5026 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Japanese
5035 Mixed-byte EBCDIC Japanese
5123 Single-byte EBCDIC Japanese (single-byte only, Euro support)
5351 ASCII/ISO/Windows
Windows Hebrew (Euro support) ST5
8492 Double-byte EBCDIC Japanese (subset of 300)
8612 Single-byte EBCDIC Arabic EBCDIC ST5
9026 Double-byte EBCDIC Korean (subset of 834)
9029 Double-byte EBCDIC Simplified Chinese (subset of 4933)
9066 ASCII/ISO/Windows Thai (SBCS extended)
12588 Double-byte EBCDIC Japanese (subset of 300)
13122 Double-byte EBCDIC Korean (subset of 834)
16684 Double-byte EBCDIC Japanese (available in V4R5)
17218 Double-byte EBCDIC Korean (subset of 834)
12708 Single-byte EBCDIC Arabic EBCDIC ST7
13488 Unicode Unicode UCS-2 (big-endian)
28709 Single-byte EBCDIC Traditional Chinese (single-byte only)
61952 Unicode i5/OS Unicode (used primarily in the IFS)
62211 Single-byte EBCDIC Hebrew EBCDIC ST5
62224 Single-byte EBCDIC Arabic EBCDIC ST6
62235 Single-byte EBCDIC Hebrew EBCDIC ST6
62245 Single-byte EBCDIC Hebrew EBCDIC ST10